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Pecuniator App


Pecuniator is project that wants to improve access to financial data for you.

Pecuniator App is a work in progress tool which let's you analyze your financial data like you want to. It's basically a data sandbox. Pecuniator wants to become a privacy focused way of looking at your bank transactions and Pecuniator app is one part of the project.

The core of Pecuniator App is to provide a sandbox with imported financial data and a programming API, that lets you work with that data.


We want to start the Pecuniator journey with a minimum viable product that is Pecuniator App. For this we need to start with the most basic features to show the capabilities and vision of this idea:

  • No customer data on external servers. Everything is local
  • Import CAMT transaction data
  • Write a basic synchronous API with objects and typings to access data
  • Monaco (VSCode like) editor for building scripts

Planned features

There are some ideas with their own challenges and work needed. In no particular order:

  • Component style UI dashboards for custom visualization and interfaces
  • Script/Component marketplace for sharing
  • Encryption at rest
  • Scheduled scripts
  • Notifications
  • Webhooks
  • Access to live data via PSD2 XS2A. PoC here and here
  • Mobile and desktop Sync


Running the electron app

Clone this repository, run npm install and run this script npm run build:electron.

Package management

This repository is currently the home of many related packages for pecuniator app. See Github packages for an overview. Because everything is in development all packages are hard wired in this repo and updated on Github infrequently. Once the API is more stable packages with realy versions and imports will be used and certain components of this app will be hosted differently.

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